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Preparing for an Art Exhibition is very daunting no matter how many years experience you may have under your belt. My first solo show was Celebrations in 2011 at the Art Society of Trinidad and Tobago. I was both anxious and excited all at once but having my friends and my family to support me made the experience much easier.

On October 26th 2022, I shall be returning to the same venue with two friends, Michelle Boyd and Keith Ward for a group exhibition, Conversations In Colour. While it is comforting to be in good company, group shows present their own challenges. The main hurdle is finding a theme that is open ended so that participants can express themselves freely. The second challenge is to establish synergy among the group members so that there is a common thread unifying the work. The third challenge is promoting the exhibition. This involves designing an invitation, printing banners, writing press releases, inviting the media, creating reels, posting stills and video to social media, engaging the community and inviting potential patrons.

Appoint a co-ordinator, meet at set times and keep your appointments. Strive for consensus, keep encouraging one another and hold hands to race towards the finish line.

I look forward to exhibiting with my friends, Michelle and Keith. They are both amazing artists with two very distinct styles. We all work in acrylic though Michelle and Keith do paint with oils from time to time. Another common element is our bold use of colour, so I think the theme for our exhibition, Conversations In Colour, is apt. It wouldl make very exciting Conversation indeed to see the work of the three of us together within the same space.

The Exhibition, Conversations in Colour, opens on October 26th 2022 at 6:30 pm and runs until October,30th 2022.

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