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About Me

I love working on site particularly en plein air. Therefore my medium is acrylic because of its ability to dry fast. I enjoy its versatility as I can paste it on like butter, apply it in thin layers like onion skin and manipulate it to create a variety of textures. My paintings are for the most part, representational and there is always a narrative, sometimes explicit and other times, subtle. I tend to include human figures in my paintings, having done many drawings from the live model and I enjoy weaving a story around them. I pay great attention to my colour palette, creating my colours carefully to generate the right mood. The contrast between light and dark, the interplay of light and shadow in my work is usually high key, although I also love the subtlety of dappled or diffused light. My style is distinctive and I work mostly from observation. However I have begun to create more conceptual art and look forward to see where this leads me for my upcoming April 2022 collaborative exhibition, Conversations In Colour

WIAOTT National Treasures Creativity Book - Student Competition 2021

WIAOTT National Treasures Creativity Book - Student Competition 2021

A Message To All Young Artists We, the Women In Art Organisation Of Trinidad and Tobago (WIAOTT), through the kind sponsorship of National Gas Company (NGC) and under the auspices of The Ministry Of Education, invite you, our Primary School aged children, of Standards one to three, to participate in the WIAOTT Book of National Treasures Colouring Competition This year is the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the Women in Art Organization of Trinidad and Tobago by Mrs. Fraulein Rudder in 1996. In celebration of this milestone, we have produced an e- book with twenty-five full colour images of artwork produced by twenty- five of our national artists, depicting some of our National Treasures. Each image is matched with an outline picture which you can decorate using either a digital or analog form of expression eg, coloured pencils, paint, collage. Please see the digital book link at Our pre-campaign launch shall take place on our website and social media platforms from Thursday November 25th to Friday December 10th 2021, when we shall spotlight the National Treasures featured in this beautiful digital collection as well as the fantastic prizes to be won. Visit our website,, for rules and exciting details. Parents, fill out the consent form at the end of this book, and submit your childโ€™s artwork using the following link by January 25th 2022: Good Luck! Sincerely, Michelle Tappin-Davis President Special thanks to the 25 featured artists that participated in the book: Nalini Akal Joy Luk Pat Anika Plowden-Corentin Raashida Abdullah Muhammad Halcian Pierre Kathy Farabi Ann Judy Joseph-Mungal Candice Sankarsingh Virginia Pacifique-Marshall Sonia Alexis Leona Fabien Marise Rodriguez Elsa Gabrielle Carrington-Clarke Ann Vincent-Stapleton Vejaya Mungal Doreen Pegus-Ransome Stephanie Pile Junnel Lewis Cleo Lewis Fraulein Rudder Kessa Seale Marrissa Richards Gizelle Winter Sarah Anuradha Mohammed Michelle Tappin-Davis
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"Happiness is my habit.

I am happy on purpose"


- Michelle Tappin-Davis

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